Digital Dimension recreates the city of Pompeii for the documentary RAISING POMPEII

Montreal, October 5 2016

RAISING POMPEII  (also known as POMPEII’S PEOPLE) benefited from the support of the Digital Dimension for its visual effects. Produced by the Montreal studio Handel Productions and the British company Twofour Broadcast Limited the documentary will be broadcast Thursday at 8pm on CBC. RAISING POMPEII filming took place in two segments, with two different host; Michael Buerk and David Suzuki. In Canada, the documentary RAISING POMPEII will be presented Thursday, October 6 as part of the series Nature of Things with David Suzuki. Mr. Suzuki tries to learn a little more about this mythical people using today’s technologies. The scientist with and his technical team explore the ruins of the ancient city in search of significant clues about life at that time.

Digital Dimension’s mandate on the project was to recreate from scratch the city of Pompeii. Of the fifty shots requiring visual effects, most required the creation of 3D elements to present the city as it was before the terrible eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Other VFX plans required set extension based on existing elements from the city ruins and also realistic matte painting.

“Working on RAISING POMPEII required great precision on the part of all team members because we had to recreate an important piece of our history that has marked the collective imagination. Produced in a short time, we had to have a close collaboration with the producers. Handel Productions knew what to expect in term of quality for our sixth collaboration together, so the confidence was there from the start. “- Recounts Louis-Simon Ménard, CEO of Digital Dimension.

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