With our impressive and ever-growing track record of award-winning video games trailers and video games cinematics, you can rely on our flexible and robust pipeline to deliver all of the pre-rendered ​​cinematics and trailers your franchise will require. Whether the sequences are designed to be integrated into your gameplay footage, or conceived for your advertising campaign, we add the Wow! Factor you want to attract fans to your franchise in ever greater numbers!

Our cinematic expertise does not stop at the pre-rendered magic! Our dedicated team of artists has also delivered many hours of in-game entertainment for its customers. With tight deadlines and a team focused on solving problems, we are committed to deliver the best without compromise.

We also create in-game trailers for your marketing needs. Tell us what you have in mind and our creative team will create an impactful ingame trailer in time for your game’s launch, your convention or for any other campaign needs.



Far Cry 4 – © Ubisoft Entertainment


Our experienced and adaptable team has had great success designing and building all types of 3D assets. From cartoon-flavored characters to complex, multi-jointed creatures to hyper-realistic old-timers, our artists pull out all the stops in executing assets of the highest caliber. From initial concept to final 3D model, you will see your characters come to life right before your eyes for your promotional art, video games cinematics and video games trailers needs.



Mortal Kombat X video game trailer – © WB Games


Whether under the guidance of your creative people or as partners in the creative process, our division Meduzarts know how to translate your ideas into pictures with an unrivaled level of detail, size and resolution.

Not only will our artists breathe life into your characters and their world, they will also adapt their artistry to your desired style and treatment, ranging from the goofiest of cartoon settings to the sublimely dramatic to the epically hyper-realistic.

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