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Digital Dimension recreates the city of Pompeii for the documentary RAISING POMPEII

Montreal, October 5 2016 RAISING POMPEII  (also known as POMPEII’S PEOPLE) benefited from the support of the Digital Dimension for its visual effects. Produced by the Montreal studio Handel Pro

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Digital Dimension participated in the creation of visual effects for the feature film MASTERMINDS

MASTERMINDS is a comedy produced and distributed by Relativity Media that will be screened on September 30th in North America. The movie could beneficiate on Digital dimension as support for its visua

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Digital Dimension announces their participation in the making of visual effects for the feature film LEAGUE OF GODS

Montreal, Canada, July 29 2016 Among the many projects Digital Dimension worked on so far in 2016, the last to hit the screen is the feature film LEAGUE OF GODS. Digital Dimension had the pleasure to

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Digital Dimension collaborates with Windfall Films to deliver UNEARTHED

UNEARTHED dissects historical monuments such as the Acropolis and the Great Wall of China in a six episode documentary series. Brick by brick, the monuments are deconstructed to reveal what is behind

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Digital Dimension in the heart of the action for the shattering finale of QUANTICO

QUANTICO’s inaugural season came to a dramatic close on Sunday, May 15th, de-masking the perpetrators of a series of terrorist attacks while promising an equally spellbinding second season. No less

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