Sadie Sparks | Digital Dimension | TV Series
Digital Dimension teams up with 2d3D Animations for the 3D animation series SADIE SPARKS
February 28, 2017
ZAFARI | Digital Dimension
Digital Dimension continues its breakthrough in youth animation series with ZAFARI
August 2, 2017


Digital Dimension announces a new coproduction agreement for the 3D animated series MOMON

Digital Dimension is proud to announce the development of a new preschool 3D animation series entitled MOMON. Digital Dimension will coproduce in partnership with the Italian company Allegra Dami just for kids along with the Quebecer company AD LIB +.

The series of 78 episodes at 7 minutes each stars a friendly plush dog with a preschool audience target.

MOMON is the adorable main character of these short stories created to help parents entertain their children in a smart and stimulating way, and this, even in the most critical moments such as bedtime and diner time. The adventures of Momon encourage young children to identify with a new friend with who they can have fun and share positive feelings with.

This is the second coproduction project in development at Digital Dimension, the first one being TAKE IT EASY MIKE developed in partnership with the French studio TeamTO. The 78 episodes of 7 minutes stars Mike, another dog! This time, it’s a strangely meticulous pug whose only ambition in life is to read his newspaper and drink tea in peace after his master’s leave for work.

These two television series along with the feature film MEAN MARGARET, also in development, are added to Digital Dimension’s already busy calendar.

«We’ve never had as many animation projects with such of a wingspan in the office. », confides Daniel Vermette, executive producer at Digital Dimension. «We have in production at the moment the series HELEN’S LITTLE SCHOOL produced by Muse Entertainement and SuperPROD which has 52 episodes of 11 minutes, SADIE SPARKS in collaboration with the French studio 2d3D and produced by Cyber ​​Group Studios & Brown Bag Films which also consists of 52 episodes of 11 minutes. We have a third series of 52 episodes of 11 minutes in production that we hope to unveil soon. In addition to all of these animation series, game cinematics are keeping all our departments busy as well. »

With a record number of projects in production and development, Digital Dimension has more than doubled its staff over the past year. In order to welcome all artists, technicians and managers, the company has no choice but to expand its Mile-End offices. The first phase of the work will add a large luminous space, which will increase the total area of the studio to more than 25,000 square feet.