Digital Dimension announces a new coproduction agreement for the 3D animated series MOMON
March 14, 2017
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November 2, 2017


Digital Dimension continues its breakthrough in youth animation series with ZAFARI

Digital Dimension is proud to announce its participation in the creation of the new children animation series ZAFARI.

ZAFARI is a television series composed of 52 episodes of 11 minutes aimed at boys and girls aged 4 to 7 years old and its main message is to celebrate differences.  We follow the adventures of Zoomba, a young elephant who instead of being born with gray skin like the rest of the elephants, he has zebra colored stripes instead. Accompanied by his side-kick Quincy the monkey, Zoomba discovers his Zafari world which is located inches from Kilimandjaro.

The project is directed by David Dozoretz, an animation veteran who had his first steps in the industry alongside George Lucas on Star Wars: A new hope as well as on the prequel trilogy of Star Wars. David also contributed to the success of Jurassic Park, Forest Gump, Moulin Rouge, X-Men 3, Star Trek and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

The distributors of the series are NBC Universal for the worldwide market whereas France Télé holds the rights on the French territory.

To lead the project in a positive direction, Digital Dimension had to completely redefine its work methods. Taking advantage of technology growth of the last few years, the Montreal based company decided to bet on the Unreal Engine 4 software from the company Epic Games. Benefiting in real time rendering, Unreal 4 allows time saving which permits the possibility to put emphasis on other aspects of the production like animation and the creation of characters. This new methodology developed for ZAFARI will also be applied on other youth animation projects that are currently in the works and in production at Digital Dimension.

«ZAFARI spreads on a continuous period of 20 months and its final frame count consists of almost 10,000 images. This is Digital Dimensions biggest project up to date. What a wonderful way to celebrate our 20 year anniversary! » says Louis-Simon Ménard, CEO of Digital Dimension.

«We’ve never had as many animation projects with as much wingspan at the same time in the studio. » confides Daniel Vermette, executive producer at Digital Dimension. « At the moment, additional to Zafari, we also have the series HELEN’S LITTLE SCHOOL in production which is produced by Muse Entertainment and SuperPROD which consists of 52 episodes of 11 minutes, SADIE SPARKS in collaboration with the French studio 2d3D and produced by Cyber Group Studios & Brown Bag Films has 52 episodes of 11 minutes as well. To add to all these animation series, there’s also video game cinematics that keeps all of our departments busy. »

The past few months, Digital Dimension has also announced that it will act as co-producer on two television series projects. TAKE IT EASY MIKE developed with the French studio Team TO, also MOMON produced in partnership with the Italian company Allegra Dami just for kids and the Quebecer society AD LIB +. These two television series along with MEAN MARGARET, also in development, will be added to Digital Dimensions already busy calendar.