September 25, 2019
Digital Dimension launches three divisions for the creation and production of TV series and animated films.
February 18, 2020

Digital Dimension and Nucleus Media Rights sign a strategic partnership focused on co-development and production of animated intellectual properties.

Montreal, October 10 2019 – Nucleus Media Rights, a studio engaged in the production and financing of audiovisual programs, international distribution and management of original content rights and Digital Dimension, the pioneering 3D animation studio in real-time television and film production, have entered into a strategic partnership. The synergy of Nucleus Media Rights and Digital Dimension expertise enables key organizations to provide unparalleled knowledge in analytics, production, distribution, acquisition, programming and content planning, as well as a 360-degree monetization of intellectual properties.

Two Complementary Expertise

Combining creative skills and mastery of new technologies, Digital Dimension, winner of 6 Emmy® Awards and 4 Visual Effects Society Awards, builds on over 23 years of experience and a well-known customer base such as Disney Channel, Brown Bag Films, Cybergroup, DreamWorks, Sony and NBCUniversal, just to name a few. Digital Dimension creates visually rich worlds beyond the bounds of the imagination, including Mighty Mike, a global success co-produced with the French firm TeamTo. The Digital Dimension’s teams are committed to developing their own original concepts in order to provide captivating and attractive entertainment with international potential. The studio also offers a unique approach where art and creativity abound by developing versatile and original technologies.

“Our methods are the result of a desire to always offer a quality product. Our approach is based on our expertise and dedication to innovation. Thus, whether through our traditional pipeline or our exclusive real-time pipeline, we adapt our work methodology according to the needs of the productions, while offering convincing results,” says Louis-Simon Menard, President and CEO of Digital Dimension.

Nucleus Media Rights’ unique vision consist in controlling the entire production chain, from the design/acquisition of intellectual properties to the delivery of complete multimedia content, including rights management and monetization. The company operates through two segments of production: television and feature film.

“We are convinced that a good story deserves the best professionals. We select our partners carefully and look for the best talents and production teams. We also like to combine these assets with a strong intuition,” says Bruno Zarka, CEO of Nucleus Media Rights. “Through this partnership with Digital Dimension, our respective partners can benefit from a real optimization of our processes, as we capitalize on our know-how, as associated studios, and on the most innovative technologies.”

About Nucleus Media Rights

Nucleus Media Rights was born from the shared vision of Bruno Zarka, media and audiovisual industry veteran, and Anoop Mohan, investor and founder of the studio Lightrooster. The studio was created in a desire to control the entire chain of intellectual property production: from design/acquisition to delivery, including rights management and program monetization through diversification activities.

About Digital Dimension

Digital Dimension, winner of 6 Emmy® Awards and 4 Visual Effects Society Awards, is a forward-thinking 3D animation studio that specializes in the creation of TV Series and feature films. With offices in Montreal and Los Angeles, the company was founded to create, develop and produce both third party and in-house intellectual properties in a variety of media for a variety of platforms. Digital Dimension creates imaginative and emotionally engaging worlds in which everything becomes possible.