Genevieve has been working in the industry for the last 17 years. Her leadership led her to teach in Terni, Italy for a semester to share with others the skills she acquired in her hometown of Montreal. She’s collaborated with numerous famous names such as Denis Villeneuve and Jean-Marc Vallée. She also worked on Happy Feet in Australia, as well as numerous other animated projects. Her curriculum is quite varied which makes her the vivacious and talented manager people can count on for different types of projects. She now puts all of her talent at work on animated television series.



As an aspiring digital artist, technical enthusiast, CGI instructor or as a studio manager, Marc has applied himself to numerous aspects of 3D animation and visual effects productions over the past 20 years. His structured approach to production challenges made him an experienced problem-solver and pipeline expert for demanding productions.

At the start of his career as a 3D artist and later as a senior technical artist at Hybride, he helped develop post-production pipelines to bring forward intricate visual effects, early stereoscopic workflows and high-volume deliveries on many feature films. Always eager to share knowledge and promote good practices in the industry, Marc participated in numerous conferences and lectures as a guest speaker around the globe. Putting his focus and creative energy on reshaping business practices in the animation industry, he joined the Digital Dimension team in 2015.



A product of the 70’s and 80’s, highly influenced by Ultraman, the super friends and Adam West, Guy is what happens if you sit too close to the TV for an extended period of time. You get an optimistic, wise cracking, Mad magazine subscribing, self-deprecating oddball. He has cumulated more than 2 decades in the business, telling stories as an animator, animation lead, and a director. His love of storytelling and a good punch line is always what pushes him forward. From the get go he has put an emphasis on the story that drives every frame of an animation. Now in charge of development at Digital Dimension, he puts his love and knowledge of storytelling to good use building the company’s own projects.



André Lavoie enjoys looking at the world differently. His work involves day dreaming, elevating the casual “what if” into to a potent art asset, and a burning passion for clever and meaningful ideas. He's working on a super-secret project, codenamed "Godspeed".

He designs things through the lens of storytelling, outlines game & tv series ideas, structure elements of new intellectual properties, illustrates its populating characters. He lives in the greater Montreal region, but also somewhere between dream and reality, hello.



With over 12 years of experience managing projects, Nadia enjoys working closely with production teams and clients alike to produce high quality and innovative work. Most recently, she has been working on the new children’s animated series, Zafari which is the first TV series to be produced in a gaming engine. It is this kind of challenge that motivates Nadia!



After obtaining a Masters in Philosophy and a BFA in Film Production, Peter embarked on a career in animation and visual effects as one of the inaugural members of Meteor Studios in 2001. He has since then produced or exec produced over 100 projects for the television, feature film and large format markets, earning his studios VES awards along the way. Peter’s latest endeavor, for NBC Universal, is Zafari, the first-ever television series for children rendered entirely in Unreal.



Daniel Vermette has been evolving in the international film and TV business, for more than 20 years. Founder and President of Objectif Production and Traffic Production, he has produced TV episodes from award winning kids programming to variety shows, documentary-style TV programs for French broadcasters in Quebec, TV commercials and served different production companies from France, Italy and Germany. In 2013, he concluded a partnership with the group Digital Dimension, since then, he concluded many International partnerships, including Take It Easy Mike with our partner TeamTO, one of the largest 3d animation studio in France.