It was at the age of 16 that Louis-Simon understood that he could turn ideas into projects. A long, diverse career was waiting for him as he launched Trilogy Studio, his first graphic design company.

A few years later, he became interested in information and web technologies and created Medfram Corp. In 2007, he became co-owner of Digital Dimension and 3 years later he acquired shares in Muvbox, a fast-food restaurant specializing in "street food". Following his epicurean side, he co-founded the same year Echo & Co, a little box of rustic lifestyle.

He is currently CEO of Digital Dimension and serves on the boards of two non-profit organizations working to prevent school dropouts: Mobilys, a foundation he cofounded that aims to raise awareness about the importance of education, and Toujours Ensemble, which offers support to troubled youth in the Montreal area.



A creative and business mind with 20+ years of experience in video games, animation, and the toy industry. Fred, Formerly founder, President and Chief Creative Officer of Hibernum, was leading and influencing all the creative, artistic and research and development aspects of the studio. At Hibernum, he built the studio from a one-person start-up in his apartment to 160 people while entertaining more than 75M players around the world. .

Fred’s rich expertise and key learnings take its roots in various creative industries; video games, animation, toys, advertising, and interactive content design, which lead him to bring a fresh perspective and new approach to create, develop and push original IP for entertainment and kid market. Fred has been honing his creativity, artistic and business skills collaborating with high-profile partners such as Cartoon Network, Disney, Eidos, EA Mobile, Konami, Lego, Ubisoft, Megabloks, Mattel, Warner Bros and more.



François comes from a family of media professionals. Since graduating from communications studies he has dedicated his professional life in a variety of capacities to the entertainment industry from his native Montreal, to Paris and Los Angeles.

Animation, visual effects, post-production, broadcast, he has a solid grasp on the full spectrum of digital arts and media. With a passion for people, creativity and technology, he is best known as an energetic team player who listens, worships client trust and always delivers excellence.

Recent collaborations have received the highest honours in their class at the Academy Awards, Bafta and the Canadian Screen Awards.


Director - Executive Producer

Curiosity, love of arts in general and a thirst for learning have steered Julie towards film and animated series early in her career. She first started working for a distribution film company, where she developed an interest in film making which ignited the spark that has driven her career for the last 25 years.

Her passion for the medium and the people she worked with gave her the motivation to go from production assistant for 2D animated series to Senior VFX Producer for high-end films.

She then worked with some of the greatest film Directors, such as Robert Zemeckis and Tim Burton while working in collaboration with great artists and production teams along the way.

After several years working in Visual Effects she came back to her first love… Animation!



As an aspiring digital artist, technical enthusiast, CGI instructor or as a studio manager, Marc has applied himself to numerous aspects of 3D animation and visual effects productions over the past 20 years. His structured approach to production challenges made him an experienced problem-solver and pipeline expert for demanding productions.

At the start of his career as a 3D artist and later as a senior technical artist at Hybride, he helped develop post-production pipelines to bring forward intricate visual effects, early stereoscopic workflows and high-volume deliveries on many feature films. Always eager to share knowledge and promote good practices in the industry, Marc participated in numerous conferences and lectures as a guest speaker around the globe. Putting his focus and creative energy on reshaping business practices in the animation industry, he joined the Digital Dimension team in 2015.



With over 15 years in the TV animation industry (enriched by a detour in gaming and VFX production), Sylvie is an unabashed cartoon geek and consummate creative citizen. Her experience ranges from freelance scriptwriter, development associate, and production executive, all of which have expanded her approach to crafting stories and characterization. Working with the IP development team, Sylvie will be focusing on idea incubation, building new projects, and fostering a strong, creative ecosystem at Digital Dimension.



A product of the 70’s and 80’s, highly influenced by Ultraman, Super Friends, and Adam West, Guy is what happens if you sit too close to the TV for too long. You get an optimistic, wisecracking, MAD Magazine-subscribing, self-deprecating oddball. He has cumulated more than 2 decades in the business, telling stories as an animator, animation lead, and director. His love of storytelling and a good punchline is always what pushes him forward. From the get-go he has put an emphasis on the story that drives every frame of an animation. As part of the IP development team at Digital Dimension, he puts his love and knowledge of storytelling to good use, building the company’s own projects.



André Lavoie enjoys looking at the world differently. His work involves day dreaming, elevating the casual “what if” into to a potent art asset, and a burning passion for clever and meaningful ideas. He's working on a super-secret project, codenamed "Godspeed".

He designs things through the lens of storytelling, outlines game & tv series ideas, structure elements of new intellectual properties, illustrates its populating characters. He lives in the greater Montreal region, but also somewhere between dream and reality, hello.



Jean-Philippe is Director Marketing & Communications at Digital Dimension and Meduzarts. Back in the (not so far) days, he was a screenwriter for youth TV series (a French-speaking screenwriter, oh la la!).

He decided a few years ago to go back to his first love : marketing and communications. With his background as a screenwriter, he always looks for the most relevant angle to tell the best possible story in every element of his work.



A member of the Digital Dimension team since 2016, Virginie Lavallée’s background is impressive, to say the least. She co-founded the production house “Genre d’Abattoir” and has produced over a dozen short and feature films. Her films have been screened at some of the most prominent festivals such as the Cannes Film Festival, Busan International Film Festival and Amsterdam International Film Festival where she won the Van Gogh Award in 2014. Her first passion is film and filmmaking but she also worked in the video game and TV-Series industries with projects such as Assassin’s Creed and Game of Thrones.
Renowned for her gathering qualities, Virginie has a strong leadership and her creativity is highly appreciated when it comes to project management. Since she joined the Digital Dimension team, she has had the chance to work on a variety of content designed for a younger public.