Founded as a VFX Studio over 20 years ago, Digital Dimension recently completed its transformation into a full-service animation facility producing animated television series and feature films. Locally - and independently - owned and operated, Digital Dimension has accelerated its recent growth by consolidating its production pipeline along two strategic axes.


First, by embracing GPU rendering technologies the studio has significantly increased its ability to output high-quality linear content at maximum velocity. Coupled with a traditional, custom-built 3D pipeline including Shotgun, Maya and Houdini, our Redshift rendering solution delivers on a broad spectrum of artistic expectations ranging anywhere from cartoon to hyperrealism.


More recently, Digital Dimension has taken another sharp turn by implementing Epic’s Unreal engine into its pipeline. This approach now enables us to reinvest our significant cost savings into additional artistic iterations, better continuity control and finer overall content polishing. Digital Dimension has just delivered the entire first season of Zafari, a 2 x 26 episode animated series set to be distributed by NBC-Universal-Dreamworks in 2018, using this pipeline.