Always facilitating the creation of new exciting worlds.


Each division of DDEG does what it does best:

Genuinely pushing boundaries of possibility.

The thirst to create and deliver high-end content based on successful franchises was one of the founding pillars of our group. Since then, exceptional opportunities are rising powered by our dream teams.

At the heart of DDEG is one thing: STORIES. From the very start of designs to storyboards to animatics through full 3D production & animation, we focus on bringing storytelling to new levels.

Winner of 6 Emmy® Awards and 4 Visual Effects Society Awards, we have spent years bringing together the most creative and talented artists to collaborate on developing imaginative and emotionally engaging worlds. Our experienced teams are obsessed with bringing beauty and life to both short and long-form. They are dedicated to creating memorable experiences. We partner with our team just as we do with our clients, building relationships based on transparency, passion, and constant communication. To us, each project is the perfect opportunity to flex both our artistic and technical muscles.

We tailor our skills to meet our clients’ creative and pipeline needs on their most coveted ideas, franchises, and original content. Our staff comes with an explosive level of passion and talent for stories, which is nurtured and honed even further at our in-studio workshops and mentorships in all things story and design.

We believe in a world where the line between technology and storytelling is blurred.